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My name is Miranda Briggs. I am an aquatics professional with 15 years of experience in the field. From teaching infants how to float, to head coaching summer league swimming, to training competitive-level swimmers, I have a broad range of experience. In addition, I certify prospective swim instructors and lifeguards as well as CPR/First Aid. 

Swimming is a unique sport, and everyone has their own stories that have led them to it. I have an open-minded style of coaching and focus on the individual athlete and their goals. Formulating unique training plans through virtual coaching is a great way to get one-on-one feedback and accountability in your swimming journey. I am here to help make your goals a reality. 


In Loving Memory of Army Ranger Veteran, Specialist Garrett Briggs

        The inspiration for Briggs Family Aquatics came from the service of an American hero, Army Ranger Veteran, Garrett Briggs- my husband. Garrett was born in Santa Ana, California and had a great pride in serving his country and for his family. In 2012-2013, Garrett deployed with the 1/75th Ranger Regiment to Afghanistan. That tour changed his life.

        Garrett struggled with PTSD from the combat he incurred throughout the years. On January 31, 2018, he ended his life by suicide. This occurred two weeks after our first child was born. Losing Garrett was devastating not only to our family, but to everyone who knew and loved him.

        Since his passing, our daughter Essex and I have been on a journey to find the next chapter to life. Swimming has helped us in so many ways. Since 8 weeks old, Es has accompanied me on the pool deck while coaching. We quickly became recognized at local USA Swim Meets as “Coach Mom and Essie,” as she sits on the coaching tables or on my hip.

        Being able to make our family a unified part of the swimming world has been amazing to the healing process of losing our hero. Briggs Family Aquatics proudly supports organizations who help our service members and veterans struggling with PTSD by donating 10% of all revenue monthly to a different nonprofit that helps these heroes. Therapy comes in many forms, and I am a firm believer that aquatics can impact people of all walks in a positive way.

        Thank you for supporting a Gold Star Family and the memory of Garrett by swimming with Briggs Family Aquatics. Help us make an impact on competitive swimmers and our service members and veterans by swimming!


Training Options

Private Coaching Package

Get professionally focused insight on your swimming technique with a certified and experienced USA Swim Coach.

**Prices vary and are based on pool rental costs**

To set up a complimentary phone consultation, please email

Virtual Coaching Package

This option is a month-to-month package for competitive swimmers.

Plan includes:

-3 weekly workouts, tailored to each swimmer's goals

-All administrative duties for meet registration

-Free clinics (when available in Jacksonville, FL and/or Savannah, GA). 

-Weekly Skype training session

To set up a complimentary phone consultation, please email

In-Person Swim Clinics

$20/2 hour session (capped at 10 swimmers)

These clinics are focused on specific strokes and skills. As training dates and times are finalized, updates will be added!

Please email for more information


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